General Questions

Students can read premium course material and take premium tests for a certain number of days. Your credits might have run out. Your organization can extend your credits and the use of the system for you. Also, make sure you are logged in properly. If you are not logged in, then you will not have access to the courses and tests that you usually would have access to.

The Leaderboard is a fun and cool concept to show the students who have completed the most courses so far in their training group.

A student credit will provide a student with system access to all courses in their training group for 60 days.

As a student of an organization, you are able to (1) take the courses specifically assigned to your training group by your organization admin and (2) take all the other courses offered by On the Report Care, there is a drop down list box that you can use that toggles you between the courses in your training group and all of the courses on the site. If you took a course that is not in your training groups's list of courses, then it will only show up on your report card when you have it set to All Courses.

We do not certify sudents but organizations can use our software to certify their students within their defined curriculum programs, including for ongoing training. Many organizations use our software to complement their existing curriculum, including their in-service testing.

A subject area is a grouping of courses in a particular topic category. We have about 20 subject areas like Behavior and Mental Health, Ambulation and Transfers, etc.
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Other Questions

Our goals in this area are to put together a leading industry communication network of caregiver related organizations and to provide services to these organizations in a cost effective manner.

Our nurse educators are well seasoned in many types and areas of writing so it is best to just ask. We can probably help you with any kind of healthcare writing that you desire.

All of our websites run on major INternet hosting platforms. is a Microsoft Azure environment hosted website while other company websites are hosted with, all on state of the art technology.



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